During the day, we know you’ll miss your little camper. Happy Campers Academy is proud to offer a closed-circuit monitoring system of your child’s classroom via the internet. Each classroom has a camera for you to view your child with the exception of the bathrooms. Once you are enrolled in the school, you will receive information on accessing this system. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee accessibility with all computer systems and workplaces. With the help of our IT specialist, we have been able to assist most of our parents to successfully utilize the monitoring system; however, some financial institutions, as well as some other companies use firewalls, or other security precautions, which prevent viewing of our system.

Included as part of tuition, this service is restricted to parents and guardians of Happy Campers students, who must use a personalized passcode to gain access. Happy Campers offers this service as a bonus to caring for your child. Our intent is to offer the best care available, and to provide additional peace of mind for our parents by allowing viewing of the students during working hours. Any system, however, that is offered through the internet, is subject to the integrity of the internet provider, as well as other technical difficulties. We also have encountered difficulties (although it is rare) involving inclement weather and natural disasters. Happy Campers does not credit tuition due to internet access and/or monitoring being down.

To view the cameras at Happy Campers Academy, please call 918.584.2779 for Happy Campers Academy - Cherry Street and 918.747.3122 for Happy Campers at Temple Israel.